Advertising agencies
a) Television commercials
b) Radio spots
c) Audio and video
d) Content for website production
e) Corporate identity
f) Promotional dramas
a) Station identity
b) Promotional materials
c) Television programs and drama series
d) Entertainment programs
e) Cultural programs
f) Reality shows
g) Comedy shows
h) Production services
i) Equipment rental
j) News feeds and news reports
Government agencies and non-governmental organizations
a) Corporate identity
b) Documentaries
c) Awareness TV commercials
d) Awareness programs
i. Documentaries
ii. Dramas
iii. Entertainment programs
e) Radio awareness Ads
f) Media campaigns
g) Audio-visual training kits
h) Capacity Building
i) Training
j) Consultancy
k) Campaigns management and development
l) Social Media Content development
m) Social Media Management
n) Outdoors campaigns
Independent performing artists
Video clips
Film producers
a) A to Z handling from preproduction to production to postproduction.
b) Various production services.
Production houses
a) Editing services
b) Audio recording
c) Equipment rental
d) Production assistance
i- Provide fixers
ii- Casting
iii- Location hunt
iv- Provide crew
v- Other facilities
Theatrical production
A – Z production facilities
Business sector
a) Print works
b) Graphic works
c) TVCs
d) Corporate documentaries
e) Radio spots
Post Production Services
a) Video Post Production
b) Audio Post Production
c) Audio Recording (VO)
d) Film Restoration
e) Audio and Video Restoration
f) Grading
g) Online Editing
h) Graphics
Corporate Identity
a) Designing logos
b) Develop and maintain communication content
c) Design and management of corporate website
d) Corporate positioning in social media channels