4Productions is a production company that handles the development and physical production of performing arts, films, radio ads and programs, video clips, theatre shows, and television programs. Services provided by 4Productions include corporate identity consultations, content development, production and post production services, grading, color correction and media training.

Mission Statement
Our perspective of visual and performing arts is that of cultural awareness, powerful involvement, and artistic integrity. Excellence and perfection are at the core of our standards in any project that we handle.

We believe that the ‘how’ is as important as the ‘what’, and in addition to the ideas and themes of any project, we pay particular attention to the perfection of all the technical details. Our teams are professional and committed to the honesty and beauty of the message. Our work perspective and worries involve: the picture and the image, the music and the sound, the technique and the idea, the mission and the voice.

We come from a troubled society, yet a rich culture. We face the dilemmas of lost identities in art, yet our obsession is that of is to contribute in the building of a better future a better future. We believe in working for the perceptive development of the human being, the cultural diversity, and the responsible dialogue between civilizations.